A Affordable Accounting, LLC


Valley wide accounting service specializing in small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits. Offering accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, new business formation, tax resolution, financial planning and more.

Bookkeeping Services

From keeping track of expense receipts, to managing accounts payable and receivable, our accounting professionals ensure that your ledger is kept accurate. Our bookkeeping services ensure that you are able to avoid common mistakes, taking the stress out of recording regular transactions at your business. Our bookkeeping services allow us to help you generate:

  • Income Statements

  • Balance Statements

  • Cash Flow Projections & More!

These reports help you to see the cash flow, profits, and asset values of your business, and understand the significance of certain trends. In educating clients, we are able to help them identify excessive or unnecessary expenditures, lower their overhead costs, and increase growth potential for their venture.

Xero Support

Our bookkeeping services are supported by Xero, which can either be installed directly on your business’ computers, or used as an online medium for us to provide your business with continual support throughout the year. We assist with the installation and implementation of the Xero software to best meets your company’s needs, and can train you to make full use of this adaptable program.

With Xero online, you are able to upload any necessary records to a secure cloud, allowing you to dispense with the need for physical copies of sales receipts and profit reports. The online services we provide also allow us to facilitate proactive tax planning for your business, and to provide you with active support on your account as necessary.