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Tax Resolution

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Tax Resolution

Failing to properly file business or personal taxes can lead to IRS penalties, and contribute to already existing monetary stress. At A Affordable Accounting, we provide tax resolution services to individuals and businesses throughout the state of Arizona, helping create manageable tax repayment plans that work with clients’ personal or professional budgets.

Causes for Tax Problems

Tax problems can arise from a number of different circumstances, and are not always the result of bad intentions. While failing to properly file income tax, payroll taxes, employment taxes, and back taxes owed can lead to ongoing IRS penalties, your spouse’ tax situation can also affect your personal finances. If left unaddressed, these issues can lead to greater penalties, even if this was your first misfile. Prolonged failure to pay can lead the IRS to place liens on:

  • Wages
  • Commissions
  • Bank Accounts
  • Accounts Receivable

Should you fail to file taxes entirely, the IRS will automatically file for you, limiting your ability to take advantage of deductions and tax credits available to you. This can lead to irregularly high taxes that need to be paid in order to avoid penalties.

Proactive Tax Resolution

At A Affordable Accounting, we know that working quickly is essential to minimize potentially costly tax penalties. Prolonged tax problems can lead to damaged credit and harm your personal and professional potential for financial growth. Our tax professionals work with you to understand your finances, taxes owed, and create a plan for repayment. If tax issues were caused by filing error, or if the Notice of Demand of Payment was made in error, we can help dispute the claim. Additionally, if you are found to owe, we can create an installment plan that does not greatly affect your immediate or long-term financial standing.

Once tax problems have been controlled, we provide continued tax planning and preparation services to ensure that your future taxes are properly filed, and that your liability is kept manageable. If you are subject to your spouse’ tax liability, we are also available for innocent spouse relief, ensuring that your personal financial status remains unaffected.